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Acryloc Wallcote Pro Render is a superior quality, cement based, polymer modified render containing washed and graded silica sands, acrylic powder to increase adhesion and strength and proprietary additives to aid workability.
Acryloc Wallcote Pro Render is suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial wall rendering requirements. The high compressive and flexural strength achieved by this product make it particularly suitable for high density substrates with the added advantage of being able to be applied as a thin section skim coat on sound surfaces. (Applications on low density substrates may be more suited to using Wallcote Trade Render with the addition of Liquid Bond).


Very strong adhesion Prime
Excellent water resistance Acryloc Prime Seal
Excellent crack resistance Joint Set & Beads/Trims (if required)
Excellent durability Acryloc Patch (add 5-10% cement)
Aids coverage of subsequent coatings Fill / Patch / Skim (if required)
Low maintenance Acryloc Patch
Easy to apply Render Coat 
May be used as thin section skim coat Wallcote Pro Render plus Acryloc Liquid Bond (if specified)
10 yr Coating System warranty when correctly applied Texture (if required)
Easy & safe clean up Acryloc Marblecote Medium or Coarse
(or) Sandcote Fine, Medium or Coarse
(or) Trowel On Scratch
(or) Tuscan Fine/Moroccan Med./Rustic Coarse Roll On
Protective Colour Coat (recommended)
Acryloc Armourflex Masonry Matt or Lo Sheen
(must prime Render Coat if no texture applied)


  • All surfaces to be rendered must be clean, sound and free from contaminants including; oil, mould release, dust, dirt, silicone, mud, grease, salt, efflorescence, animal droppings and any loose or flaking material.
  • Porous substrates should be primed with Acryloc Prime Seal prior to application of Wallcote Pro Render. Priming the substrate aids render adhesion and evens out absorption of water from the fresh render giving a better finish.

**Note: priming the substrate prior to applying render does not omit the need for subsequent priming of the new render prior to painting.

  • Where the substrate is not primed, it may be necessary to ‘wet down’ or ‘dampen’ the surface prior to rendering, particularly if the substrate is porous and water absorption is likely.
  • Apply the Prime Seal at the rate of 10-12m2/L and allow to dry (approx 30mins)
  • (Note: The concentrate form of Prime Seal must be diluted before use).


  • Care should be taken to keep Wallcote Pro Render off windows and adjacent surfaces that are not to be coated, as it can be very difficult to remove once allowed to dry. Areas not to be coated should be masked and protected.
  • Wallcote Pro Render may be applied by trowel or with suitable spraying equipment.
  • Wallcote Pro Render is normally over coated using appropriate components selected from the Wallcote system.

Mixing Method

Note: When mixing Wallcote Pro Render for the first time it is advisable to start by using the minimum amount of water recommended for the first bag and then adjusting the workability by following the procedure below. The total amount of water used in this first mix can be recorded and used as a guide for mixing subsequent bags.

  • 2.75- 3.25 litres of water is required per bag of Pro Render (depending on method of application & workability required).
  • Add the required quantity of water to a suitable mixing vessel. Add Acryloc Liquid Bond to the water, if required, and stir thoroughly.
  • Add the Pro Render to the water steadily while mixing with a power stirrer until it is smooth and lump free.
  • Allow the mix to stand for five (5) minutes before use or before adding extra water and remixing to adjust to the workability required.

Pot Life

  • When mixed with water the maximum pot life is two (2) hours, do not add more water to extend pot life as this will reduce the strength and durability of the finished render.

Brickwork & common masonry substrates

  • Apply a coat of 3 – 5mm thickness.
  • Work on a 1- 2m2 area and immediately finish with a suitable straight edge.
  • Work in this fashion until the whole area is flat and even.
  • Apply second and subsequent coats as required, with each being no less than 3mm and up to 5mm thick.
  • Once the finish coat/s have firmed slightly, rub-up with a wooden, sponge or polystyrene float to produce an even, uniform and smooth surface.

Proprietary façade systems

  • Follow the façade manufacturer’s specifications for finish coats and consult the relevant Acryloc Specification Sheet for any required special instructions.


Thickness (mm) mper 20Kg bag
3 2 -3


Clean up with water

Important Notes

  • Do not apply Wallcote Pro Render on unprotected surfaces when rain is anticipated within 6 hours of completion of the days work, longer in damp, cold +/or humid conditions.
  • Avoid application in full sun, on hot surfaces or in hot windy conditions.
  • Application should be carried out on a day with temperatures above 10°C and below 32°C.
  • Coated area must be protected from damage until the completion of the project; finished work must be protected from rain, frost and severe weather conditions until fully dried.


Curing time allows the render to develop sufficient strength to resist mechanical damage before overcoating.

Multiple Render Coats

– Allow minimum 3 to 4 hours curing time before applying second and subsequent render coats.
– Allow 2 to 3 days curing per coat of render before applying texture or paint coatings.

Single render coat

– Allow 2 to 3 days before applying texture or paint coatings to a single, fresh 3-5mm render coat.

Sprayed Render

– Allow 5 days before applying texture or paint coatings to a single, fresh sprayed render coat. More time is required because sprayed render is normally applied thicker than 3-5mm and because the mix contains more water per bag.


Shelf-Life – Unopened Bags

Maximum 1 year from date of manufacture when stored correctly.

Transport & Storage

Store in a dry place, off floor level and preferably on the original pallet.


Acryloc Building Products provides a material replacement warranty against bubbling, peeling or flaking of the full Wallcote Coating System caused by any defect in manufacture for a period of ten years when applied correctly by a skilled and experienced applicator in accordance with all current application criteria, including but not limited to, substrate type and preparation, application rates and methods, prevailing weather conditions and protection of finished work.
Application dates, product batch numbers and quantities must be recorded and supplied as a minimum to effect potential product failure investigation.
Acryloc Building Products provides no warranty, expressed or implied, against damage due to movement of the substrate or structure.
Acryloc Building Products cannot accept responsibility for variations in colour, strength, appearance or workability resulting from on-site mixing procedures and conditions.


Refer to MSDS for Wallcote Pro Render before use.

When working with Wallcote Pro Render observe the usual precautions for handling cement based mortars & renders including:

  • Avoid inhalation of the dust, prolonged skin contact with wet mortar and eye contact
  • Wear protective clothing to minimize skin contact and wear goggles where splatter is likely
  • Where spills occur, soak up liquid spillage with sand/sawdust, sweep up loose powder and dispose of in a sensible manner. Do not permit run-off to sewer, storm water or open bodies of water.


Refer to MSDS for Wallcote Pro Render before use.


If swallowed, wash out mouth with water. Do NOT induce vomiting. Drink at least two (2) glasses of water. Seek medical attention.


Wash with copious amount of water for 15 minutes holding eyelid(s) open. Take care not to rinse contaminated water into non-affected eye. Seek medical attention.

Advice to Doctor
Treat symptomatically

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