Silhouette External Cladding

Silhouette opens a whole new world of possibilities for creating a building’s personality. Silhouette allows architects, developers and builders to select from a range of feature details or even to create their own custom design for external claddings.

Attractive and competitively priced, Silhouette offers a fresh approach to cladding options.

Silhouette comprises of a fibre cement plank and a uPVC feature strip. Together these components clip together to obscure fixing points and to form a seamless cladding appearance of your choice.

The Silhouette exterior cladding system:

  • Choice of 3 individual profiles –urban, coastal and classic.
  • Custom design profiles.
  • Unique and stylish.
  • Simple and quick to install – just clip in profile.
  • Economical – no waste in laps.
  • Lightweight material.

 (mm & PATTERN)
7.5 230 Smooth 4200
180 Smooth 4200

*some sizes may not be available in all states, please check with your local BGC office or availability.

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