NRG Install Guide


(A) Before commencing to fix NRG panels check that


  1. The frames are straight and plumb
  2. All windows and flashing are correctly installed
  3. Breathable sarking has been fitted
  4. Solid back blocking where required Consideration should be given to the installation of wall mounting accessories i.e. taps, electrical, fittings etc. It is important to allow for adequate back blocking for these items.










(A) NRG panels can be layed horizontally or vertically depending on what suits the job.

  • Position NRG panel into starter bead, check for level and fix into studs using NRG washers and screws.
  • Standard fixings are 300c vertically and 450c horizontally (refer to fixing table).
NRG Greenboard Minimum Stud & Fastener Spacing’s
Regions – Wind
Stud Spacings
Fastener Spacings
Number of
Fasteners /m_
Non Cyclonic N1 450 300 12
N2 450 300 12
N3 450 300 12
N4 450 200 18
N5 450 150 24
Cyclonic C1 450 200 18
C2 450 150 24
C3 450 100 37

* In accordance with AS1684 – 2006 / AS4005 – 1992


(B) Adjoining NRG panels are to be glued on both horizontall and vertical edges using recommended construction adhesive (i.e. Bostik No More Nails) or an expanda foam.

(C) Measure and cut NRG panels using a straight edge and a standard power saw with a masonary diamond blade.

(D) At external corners, NRG panels are overlapped the full thickness of the sheets and glued using recommended construction adhesive.

(E) Allow a 3mm gap between NRG panels and openings (door, windows) for sealing. It is recommended the straight edge of the sheet be fixed next to the openings for easier sealing.



(F) Where the NRG panel has a vertical join off a stud it is necessary to back-block as follow.


i. Fixing stud material vertically (widest facing outwards) and securing between bottom plate and noggin. Alternately between noggin and top plate, making sure to glue both NRG panels and fix through each panel with screws and washers into back block at 300c.




At this point particular care needs to be exercised to ensure that the installation of all beading around windows and doors is completed correctly. This is not a gap filling exercise but an intregral part of the total NRG Greenboard walling system.

(A)  Rendered Reveals 60mm, 75mm, 100mm Greenboard


i. All sills, heads & jambs to be rendered.

ii. Using marking tape, accurately adhere to frame of joinery, 4mm from the edge creating a neat parallel margin.

iii. Using Bostik Primer 5077, and a clean rag, dampen cloth with Primer and quickly clean the window reveal, ready for sealant application.

iv. Cut a medium size end off the nozzle of the sealant. Apply a bead of sealant into the gap between the Greenboard and the taped window reveal. Using a coving tool, neatly create an internal cove finish.

v. Remove masking tape from joinery leaving a 100% water proof seal.

vi. This peocedure is repeated after rendering and prior to texture coating, to ensure double sealing around windows and doors.

(B) External Beads


i. External points of building, columns etc.

ii. All sill, head and jambs (60mm, 75mm, 100mm)

iii. Install external bead by applying a bead of Bostik No More Nailst o internal sides of the bead.

Then press firmly into position, check for plumb and straightness, scraping of excess glue, tacking into position until dry.

(C) 40mm Reveal Bead

i. Allow a 3mm gap between Greenboard and opening.

ii. Glue 40mm reveal bead into 3mm gap pressing firmly against the Greenboard. Make sure there is sufficient glue to fix bead to Greenboard.

iii. Tape and prime reveal bead and opening reveal. Apply a bead of sealant into the gap between the reveal bead and opening reveal. Smear sealant with tool. Remove tape and Paint.

(D) Expansion Beading Joints


Expansion Joints allow movement within the building & avoid unsightly cracking.

i. Vertical Expansion Beading Joints: Every 8 metres (above/ below window).

ii. Horizontal Beading Expansion Joints: Located between floor levels

iii. Install ‘Render Expansion Bead’ between both Greenboard surfaces, applying a bead of No More Nails to both internal surfaces of bead. Press into position, scrape off excess glue, and tack fix until dry.

(Expansion Joints) Option 2

  1. Chalk line after render
  2. 10mm cut through render and into panel
  3. Tape either side of joint
  4. Seal
  5. Remove tape and Paint

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