Efficient and environmentally friendly, ecobrick is lightweight (approximately half the weight of a clay fastwall brick). When used as an internal wall in conjunction with the traditional clay brick external wall, ecobrick improves the resistance to heat moving through that wall by 57%.

Ecobrick not only improves the thermal efficiency of walls, but improves their acoustic values as well. The aerated part of ecobrick is made up of non-connected air bubbles that do not allow noise to travel across these spaces. As a result,noise bounces off a hard surface, which means that when you use ecobrick inside a room, the background noise will disappear. These air bubbles are also the reason for ecobrick’s higher resistance to heat, in the same way as bulk insulation works in a roof space.


  • 6 star energy rating.
  • Lightweight and simple to install.
  • Excellent acoustic and fire properties.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable.

300 x 162 x 90
300 x 76 x 90
600 x 200 x 75
600 x 200 x 100
600 x 200 x 150
600 x 200 x 200
600 x 400 x 100
600 x 600 x 100


Builders Choice Thin Bed Mortar – 20kg
Builders Choice AAC Cement – 20kg

*some sizes may not be available in all states, please check with your local BGC office for availability.

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