Duralattice Lattice Sheets

 Duralattice combines the charm and appeal of traditional lattice with the practicality and inherent durability of fibre cement. Duralattice is both decorative and functional and can be used in and around the house and garden.

Duralattice can be used in many different ways including: Gazebos, pergolas, privacy screens, poolside enclosures. Duralattice can also be used for shade providing structures as well as feature panels. Let your imagination stretch the use of Duralattice.


  • Manufactured as a single flat sheet.
  • Two distinctive patterns available –diamond and square.
  • Block approx. half of the suns rays.
  • Many different uses.
  • No metal fittings that will deteriorate,stain or pull apart.
  • Easy to cut, fix and decorate.
  • Immune to permanent water damage,termites and will not rot or warp.
1800 2400
6 900 x
1200 x x

*some sizes may not be available in all states, please check with your local BGC office for

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