Compressed Fibre Cement

BGC Compressed Fibre Cement sheeting is a high density
sheet ideally suited as the substrate for floors in wet areas of framed constructions including upper stories and transportable buildings. It is equally suited for use in the cladding of external decks.

BGC Compressed Fibre Cement sheeting is immune to permanent damage from water. It is impact resistant, immune to termite attacks, non combustible and easy to work with.

Compressed Fibre Cement:

  • High density fibre cement sheeting
  • Suitable for wet areas
  • Can be used for cladding external decking
  • Non combustible
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to work
1500 1800 2100 2400 2700 3000
15 900 x x x x x x
1200 x x x x x x
18 900 x x x x
1200 x x x x x
24 1200 x

*some sizes may not be available in all states, please check with your local BGC office or availability.

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