Texture Coats 5L, 10L, 15L Heavy Duty Plastic Pail 8.5kg, 17kg; 25kg respectively


Forming part of the Wallcote system, Acryloc Patch is a durable, water based material for patching, filling and skim coating on a wide range of substrates.
Acryloc Patch is composed of finely graded sand and fillers in a water based acrylic emulsion processed with proprietary additives, extenders and a powerful fungicide/ anti-mildew agent.
Acryloc Patch may also be used for setting butt joints and beads/trims with the addition of 5-10% Portland Cement.


Excellent water resistance Prime
Excellent vapour permeability Acryloc Prime Seal
Excellent flexibility Joint Set & Beads/Trims
Excellent crack resistance Acryloc Patch (add 5-10% cement)
Excellent durability Fill / Patch / Skim
Strong adhesion Acryloc Patch
Easy to apply Render Coat (if required)
Water based Wallcote FR, for AAC, polymer modified, fibre reinforced
10 yr Coating System warranty Wallcote Pro Render, polymer modified, low – medium build
Easy & safe clean up Wallcote Trade Render, traditional Render, medium – high build
plus Acryloc Liquid Bond (if specified)
Texture (if required)
Acryloc Marblecote Medium or Coarse
(or) Sandcote Fine / Medium / Coarse
(or) Trowel On Scratch
(or) Tuscan Fine/Moroccan Med./Rustic Coarse
Protective Colour Coat (recommended)
Acryloc Armourflex Masonry Matt or Lo Sheen
(must prime Render Coat if no texture applied)

SUITABLE SUBSTRATES – when properly prepared

  • Cement Render
  • AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete)
  • Fibre Cement Sheeting (Fibro/Blue board)
  • Rendered expanded polystyrene
  • Clay and Concrete Brickwork
  • Tilt panel walls
  • Other primed exterior surfaces


  • Areas not to be coated should be masked and protected.
  • All surfaces to be coated must be clean, sound, free from contaminants including; oil, mould release, dust, dirt, silicone, mud, grease, salt, efflorescence, animal droppings and any loose or flaking material.
  • All substrates must be primed, normally with Acryloc Prime Seal.
  • Apply the Prime Seal at the rate of 12.5-16.5m2/L and allow to dry (approx 30mins).
  • (Note: The concentrate form of Prime Seal must be diluted before use).


  • Acryloc Patch does not require thinning but mixing with a power stirrer will enhance workability and coverage.
  • For setting of Joints or installation of Beads and Trims, add Portland Cement to the pail as per the following table:
Pail Size Cement Addition
5 Litre 350g to 700g
10Litre 700g to 1.4kg
15 Litre 1kg to 2kg

Caution: Excess quantity of cement can cause the product to have a reduced pot life and hamper application, workability and durability. Do not thin after addition of cement.

  • Mix thoroughly with a broad, flat stirrer, using an upward lifting action, or power mixer.

Setting Joints (use Acryloc Patch with added Cement)

  • Apply a 2mm layer of Acryloc Patch into the recessed joint.
  • Apply a single strip of alkali resistant fiberglass tape and trowel into the freshly applied material.
  • When the tape is fully bedded, skim over with one (1) further coat of Acryloc Patch, feathering edges as neatly as possible.

Beads & Trims (use Acryloc Patch with added Cement)

  • Use Acryloc Patch to fix the trim by fully coating the inside of the trim with Acryloc Patch, pressing firmly into place and trowelling off the outside of the trim to ensure that all holes are filled;

Or, if the trim is already fixed in place,

  • Apply Acryloc Patch to the trim, trowelling it into the holes to ensure that there are no voids.

Skim Coating

  • Apply Acryloc Patch to the surface to a thickness of approx 1.5mm.
  • Where the entire surface is being skim coated, commence at the top of the wall panel. Two (2) or more applicators may be required for large uninterrupted wall areas.
  • Allow surface to stand for a short time prior to finishing.
  • Rub up or ‘finish’ with a suitable float either in a vertical or circular fashion, terminating only when a whole area or section is completely coated.
  • Typically one (1) coat should be adequate if the substrate is flatt and level, but a second coat may be applied if required.

Important Notes

  • Care should be taken to keep Acryloc Patch off windows and adjacent surfaces that are not to be coated, as it can be very difficult to remove once allowed to dry.
  • Acryloc Patch must be over coated using the appropriate components selected from the Wallcote system.
  • Do not apply Acryloc Patch when rain is anticipated within 5 hours of completion of the days work, longer in damp, cold +/or humid conditions.
  • Avoid application in full sun, on hot surfaces or in hot windy conditions.
  • Application should be carried out on a day with temperatures above 10°C and below 32°C.
  • Coated area must be protected from damage until the completion of the project; finished work must be protected from rain, frost and severe weather conditions until fully dried.


Clean up with water


Shelf-Life – Unopened Containers

Maximum two (2) years from date of manufacture when stored correctly.

Transport & Storage

Pails should not be stacked more than three (3) high during transportation and must be transported upright.
Store in a cool place, upright, out of direct sunlight and above 4°C.
For further information refer to MSDS for Acryloc Patch.


APPEARANCE Milky white, gritty, viscous liquid
THEORETICAL COVERAGE 0.7-0.8m²/L single coat; 10-12m² per 15L pail
WET FILM THICKNESS (RECOMM) 1.3-1.5mm single skim coat, ~4mm in joints
DRY TIME (25°C & 50% RH)
Tack Free Recoat/ Overcoat Fully Dried
2 hours After 4 hours 48hours
NO. OF COATS Typically 1 coat
GLOSS LEVEL Matt – textured


Acryloc Building Products provides a material replacement warranty against bubbling, peeling or flaking of the full Wallcote Coating System caused by any defect in manufacture for a period of ten years when applied correctly by a skilled and experienced applicator in accordance with all current application criteria, including but not limited to, substrate type and preparation, application rates and methods, prevailing weather conditions and protection of finished work.
Application dates, product batch numbers and quantities must be recorded and supplied as a minimum to effect potential product failure investigation.
Acryloc Building Products provides no warranty, expressed or implied, against damage due to movement of the substrate or structure.
Acryloc Building Products cannot accept responsibility for variations in colour, strength, appearance or workability resulting from on-site mixing procedures and conditions.


Refer to MSDS for Acryloc Patch before use.

When working with Acryloc Patch observe the usual precautions for handling acrylic water based products including:

  • Avoid inhalation of the vapour, prolonged skin contact and particularly eye contact.
  • Wear protective clothing to minimize skin contact and wear goggles where splatter is likely.
  • Where spills occur, soak up liquid spillage with sand/sawdust and dispose of in a sensible manner. Do not permit run-off to sewer, storm water or open bodies of water.

Full pails are HEAVY. Wear protective footwear and seek assistance if necessary.


Refer to MSDS for Acryloc Patch before use.

If swallowed, wash out mouth with water. Do NOT induce vomiting. Drink at least two (2) glasses of water. Seek medical attention.


Wash with copious amount of water for 15 minutes holding eyelid(s) open. Take care not to rinse contaminated water into non-affected eye. Seek medical attention.

Advice to Doctor

Treat symptomatically

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