Exported Paints – EXP401 & EXP405 5L, 20L Heavy Duty Plastic Pail 8kg, 30kg respectively


Acryloc Armourflex Exterior Acrylic is a durable, water based impact coating, designed to provide fashionable colour and long-term external protection for all masonry surfaces. Armourflex Exterior Acrylic is available in both matt and low sheen finishes. A range of attractive effects can be achieved using specialized rollers and the high film build makes Armourflex Exterior Acrylic ideal for coating surfaces such as fibreboard, acrylic based textures, cement render and tilt panel walls. Armourflex Exterior Acrylic is supplied as tint bases to distributors and in tinted, ready to use form to end users. Over 2000 colours are available using our tint system.


  • Excellent flexibility & crack resistance
  • Water based
  • Excellent durability
  • Tintable to a wide range of colours

SUITABLE SUBSTRATES – when properly prepared

  • Clay and Concrete Brickwork and Blocks
  • Texture Coat
  • Concrete Walls
  • Tilt panel walls
  • Cement Render
  • Softwood timber
  • AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete)
  • Other primed exterior surfaces
  • Fibre Cement Sheeting (Fibro/Blue board)
  • Rendered expanded polystyrene


Note: If applying Armourflex Exterior Acrylic on freshly applied Acryloc Texture, no further preparation/priming is required.

  • Areas not to be coated should be masked and protected.
  • All surfaces to be coated must be clean, sound, free from contaminants including; oil, mould release, dust, dirt, silicone, mud, grease, salt, efflorescence, animal droppings and any loose or flaking material.
  • All substrates other than freshly applied texture must be primed with Acryloc Exterior Primer, EXP102.
  • Apply one coat of Acryloc Exterior Primer and allow to dry (approx 45mins).


  • Armourflex Exterior Acrylic may require thinning, depending upon the application method used. Up to 1L of clean water may be added to a 15L pail (~6.5%) without the need to apply any extra coats. Thorough mixing is essential. Greater than 7% addition is not recommended.


  • Mix thoroughly with a broad, flat stirrer, using an upward lifting action, or power mixer and check that the colour is correct before commencing work.
  • Care should be taken to keep Armourflex Exterior Acrylic off windows and adjacent. surfaces that are not to be coated, as it can be very difficult to remove once allowed to dry.
  • Acryloc Exterior Acrylic can be applied using a roller, brush, pad, HVLP spray equipment or airless spray equipment.
  • If using a roller, roll the coating in one (1) direction only, to avoid cross masking of layers.
  • If using airless spray equipment, a 19-21 thou tip and white gun filter is recommended. Try to maintain a Wet Film Thickness of 100-125µm for each single coat by checking regularly with a Wet Film Thickness Gauge.


Surface Per Coat

Recommended Coats

Wet Film Thickness Apply at Coverage
Smooth, fine render/texture 100-125 microns 8-10 m2 per Litre 120-150 m2 per 15L Pail 1-2
Rough, coarse texture 4-5 m2 per Litre 60- 75 m2 per 15L Pail 1-2


Clean up with water

Important Notes

  • Do not apply Armourflex Exterior Acrylic when rain is anticipated within 5 hours of completion of the work, longer in damp, cold +/or humid conditions.
  • Avoid application in full sun, on hot surfaces or in hot windy conditions.
  • Application should be carried out on a day with temperatures above 10°C and below 32°C.
  • Coated area must be protected from damage until the completion of the project; finished work must be protected from rain, frost and severe weather conditions until fully dried.


Shelf-Life – Unopened Containers

Maximum two (2)years from date of manufacture when stored correctly.

Transport & Storage

Pails should not be stacked more than three (3) high during transportation and must be transported upright. Store in a cool place, upright, out of direct sunlight and above 4°C. For further information refer to MSDS for Armourflex Exterior Acrylic.


APPEARANCE Coloured viscous liquid
RESIN TYPE 100% pure acrylic emulsion
APPLICATION METHODS Roller, brush, spray
DRY TIME (25°C & 50% RH)
Tack Free Recoat/ Overcoat Fully Dried
1 hour After 2 hours 24 hours
GLOSS LEVEL Matt and low sheen available


Refer to MSDS for Armourflex Exterior Acrylic before use.

Observe the usual precautions for handling acrylic water based products including:

  • Avoid inhalation of the vapour, prolonged skin contact and particularly eye contact.
  • Wear protective clothing to minimize skin contact and wear goggles where splatter is likely.
  • Where spills occur, soak up liquid spillage with sand/sawdust and dispose of in a sensible manner. Do not permit run-off to sewer, storm water or open bodies of water.

Full pails are HEAVY. Wear protective footwear and seek assistance if necessary.


Refer to MSDS for Armourflex Exterior Acrylic before use.

If swallowed, wash out mouth with water. Do NOT induce vomiting. Drink at least two (2) glasses of water. Seek medical attention.


Wash with copious amount of water for 15 minutes holding eyelid(s) open. Take care not to rinse contaminated water into non-affected eye. Seek medical attention.

Advice to Doctor

Treat symptomatically.

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